The Muse Reviews: Benjamin Booker


Wow. Wow. Wow.

There is a whole lot of Checkerboard Lounge here, plus the earnestness of Billy Bragg and the raw energy of the Replacements and an antique patina reminiscent of the “O Brother Where Art Thou.” Good for drinking coffee and psyching myself up for daunting tasks like cleaning the house or talking to people, that type of thing. Screw that. I am listening to this over and over again. For everything. At parties. In the car. Before bed. Whatever.

Benjamin Booker is playing in Chicago, on Saturday, at Schuba’s. The show sold out early plus it’s past my bedtime. If you got a ticket, or managed to see the guy open for Jack White, I am officially jealous of you.

Check out and buy this album! There’s a lot here beyond the single “Violent Shiver”

@benjamin booker – so impressed and rooting for you (along with everyone else and their brother). Keep it coming!




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