The Muse Manifesto

Better Living Through Music! Life as we know it can deplete our humanity. Music is one thing that prevents soul erosion. The Owl Muse wants to bring music to the lives of more people.

Vinyl Aficionado: The ritual of recordsĀ is a great way to relax and reflect and recharge. The Owl Muse likes to share what’s on the turntable and why it’s so awesome.

Concert Going: Attending live music is probably the best way to support the musicians you love. The Owl Muse encourages you to get out the house by recommending shows to see.

The Sound Track of Your Life Shouldn’t Suck: Record playing just isn’t all that practical for big parties, road trips, workouts, doing housework, waking up in the morning, etc. The Owl Muse will share Spotify playlists for all occasions.

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