New Wave Circuit – A Workout Playlist

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday at The Owl Muse!

We are almost done with this little project. Cardio. Check. Weights. Check. Spinning. Check. Plyo. Check. All I have got left is Circuit Training.

The word circuit made me think of technology, which made me think of science, which made me think of the early days of MTV, and 80s alternative music which was sort of obsessed with kitsch-y sci-fi themes.

Now, it almost makes me queasy using “80s” and “workout” in the same sentence. Weird and wonderful as the eighties were, there was something about physical fitness back then that was just warped. Olivia Newton John, anyone?

Okay, I will spare you further foray in the tortured catacombs of my brain, but this mixtape is certainly nostalgic with lots of New Wave. If you listen to Channel 33 on SiriusXM, or follow Slicing Up Eyeballs, you will enjoy it.


1. Birthday/The Sugarcubes – Warm up

2. There Must Be An Angel/The Eurythmics – First Circuit –  Move quickly through four stations that train legs, back, abs, and chest. I do kettlebell swings, bent over rows, crunches and push-ups. Just do as many as you can with good form, move quickly to the next station, and keep going until the song is over. Sort of like musical chairs.

3. Please Remain Seated/OMD – Rest during this song. Just rest.

4. Don’t You (Forget About Me)/Simple Minds – Do some sort of cardio at an intense/sprint pace for the duration of this song.

5. Glory/Liz Phair – Rest. Rest for the whole song. Really. If you don’t need the rest you are not working hard enough.

6. This is the Day/The The – Repeat the circuit of legs, back, abs, and chest.

7. Him Dancing/Throwing Muses – Rest again.

8. Girlfriend is Better/Talking Heads – Sprint cardio – go!

9. Welcome to the Working Week/Elvis Costello – Rest.

10. Under the Milky Way/The Church – Repeat the circuit of legs, back, abs, and chest.

11. Game of Pricks/Guided By Voices – Rest.

12. Kundalini Express/Love & Rockets – Sprint Cardio – Go!

13. Sharkey’s Day/Laurie Anderson – Stretch

This is a longer workout (almost an hour), but you only have to keep doing one thing for 5 or 6 minutes at a stretch. Circuit workouts are hybrid cardio and resistance workouts that burn a lot of calories. Many people don’t get great results doing long sessions of steady state cardio. I sure don’t. Paleo types are often big on resistance training and are not fans of endurance exercise, for this reason. But don’t misinterpret that to mean that cardio is unnecessary for fitness. Even the paleo people are into short cardio sprints now and then.

*It has come to my attention that Spotify will only let you play these songs in exact order if you have a premium account. If you have a free account it will play them in Shuffle mode. Bummer. You need to do these in order or at least alternate the 5 to 6 minute songs (for the workout bits) with the one minute songs (for recovery).

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