Pluto Playlist: Let’s talk about spaceships…

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For me, this week’s awesomeness had everything to do with the Pluto flyby. I was in the Astronomy Club back in college and I have a passing familiarity with the Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, oh yeah. But, Pluto, man, no clue. People were even waffling about Pluto being a mistake, not really a planet. Recently discovered in 1930, scientists decided to demote Pluto to a dwarf planet in 2006.

pluto dumped me

As I recall, people were generally not too happy about the change; it seemed kind of mean, and the revision seemed to make things unnecessarily complicated for everyone.

But it turns out that tiny Pluto with it’s heart-shaped patch, is the most ADORABLE plant ever. Maybe we should just start calling it a BABY planet, not a dwarf planet (no offense, dwarfs, btw.)

So to celebrate this week’s astronomical awesomeness and adorability. I made a playlist.┬áIn honor of Pluto, this playlist includes all of my favorite songs about our solar system (and even some new ones I discovered to fill in the gaps) IN PLANET ORDER. Enjoy!

Also, will someone start selling those pluto felt toys on Etsy, please? I want to buy one for everyone I know.


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