Punk Plyo – A Workout Playlist

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday at The Owl Muse. How are those New Year’s resolutions holding? Yeah, mine have fallen to pieces, too. Well, you can always make new ones on Groundhog Day. Yeah, Groundhog Day resolutions. It’s a thing, I swear.

Earlier this month, The Owl Muse shared Spotify playlists for cardioweight training, and spinning, so today it’s all about plyo. Plyo has gained popularity with Crossfit and their crazy box jumping shit. Oh, no I am not dissing Crossfit. At all. Joining a Crossfit Gym is my Groundhog Day Resolution. I swear.

Plyo, short for plyometrics, is a fancy word for jumping and throwing things, so punk seemed the obvious theme. That took me down a road. A riot grrl road, to be precise. There is surprisingly little overlap between the riot grrl songs in our collection and the ones on Spotify. (Spotify, could you get “In Accordance with Natural Law”, by Bikini Kill, pleeeassse?”). So that slowed down the process of making this post, but the good thing is that I discovered The Dollyrots, who are indeed, awesome.


1. Because I’m Awesome/The Dollyrots – Run in Place

2. Hippy Dippy Doo/Rocket from the Crypt – Squat Jump, Side Hop

3. Real Wild Child/ Joan Jett  – Star Jump, Split Squat Jumps

4. Lucky Guy / The Muffs – Medicine Ball Chest PassSide Pass, & Slam

5. Celebrity Skin/Hole – Stork Hop, Cross Country

6. Take it Off / The Donnas – Medicine Ball Chest PassSide Pass, & Slam

7. Sci Fi Superstar / Bis – Pop UpsBurpee

8. Pretend We’re Dead / L7 – Recover

This is a short workout, it should feel pretty intense. I *aim* for 10 of each exercise, and rest as needed.That’s about 80 jumps and 60 throws, which supposedly “beginner level.” I am waiting for the day when I beat “beginner level.” Some of these I might make 2 or 3. If I’m lucky.

I am indebted to “Boot Camp Matt” for teaching me these moves and I’ll share with you his safety tips. You should strive to land SOFTLY like a cat. It’s more important to land SOFTLY than to get height, otherwise it’s bad for your knees. Also the medicine ball is actually a really good way to break a finger, so think JAZZ HANDS the entire time you are doing them. If you don’t have a medicine ball and a wall and a clear space, you can just do cardio during those breaks. I did not include the box jumps that are so popular because of Crossfit, because I think they are a little too risky. As Matt would say, “I like my teeth.”

*It has come to my attention that Spotify will only let you play these songs in exact order if you have a premium account. If you have a free account it will play them in Shuffle mode. Bummer. I don’t think the exact order is that important here, like it would be in a spinning workout for example. Looking for Work Arounds.

P.S. The awesome photo on this blog is courtesy of Tiffany Findley.

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  • http://www.acleanbake.com/ Nora @ A Clean Bake

    Even though I *hate* plyo, this playlist is doing a pretty good job of making me at least consider getting my butt in gear 🙂

    • theowlmuse

      Well, I have been told that plyo is good for keeping your body young at a cellular level. I wondered if this is just because POWERFUL LIES are needed to motivate folks to endure the torture of burpees!

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