Benjamin Booker @ Metro Chicago 3/28/2015

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SMOKIN’ I caught Benjamin Booker at the Metro. I am a huge fan of the debut album, and I love BB even more now. To me the Metro is a punk rock palace, and you gotta go big or go home. Don’t worry, Benjamin Booker did just fine owning the venue. Until I saw the show, I thought of Benjamin Booker as a guy, but the band is actually an amazing three piece, including bassist Alex Spoto and drummer Max Norton, who was pretty damn remarkable. Benjamin Booker, as the frontman, comes across as a total doll — a fun guy just having a lot of fun. The show was sold out and the crowd just ate up the whole set. Someone next to me remarked, “Wow this is an intense show.” I’m most impressed by how many musical influences these guys draw on and the fact that they just rock. Toward the end, there was an interlude with feedback and then a jumbled, crashy psychedelic guitar solo which almost lost me but the always sardonic Mr. Muse said, “It touched me.” Anyhow that little bit was reminiscent of the Butthole Surfers who are a perfectly fine band I really can’t stand. (Aggh, Benjamin Booker you have now made me break the first rule of The Owl Muse…don’t talk shit about anybody. But I figure if the Butthole Surfers did want people to talk shit about them they wouldn’t have called themselves the Butthole Surfers, or those album covers, or pretty much anything). But I digress! BENJAMIN BOOKER. GREAT SHOW. LOTS OF FUN. CATCH IT IF YOU CAN. It’s probably just what you need.

If you go to the Metro, you probably don’t want to drive unless you don’t mind tooling around for a while to find parking. We grabbed a bite to eat at Southport & Irving (which was great and had live music) and walked down Clark (about 10-15 minutes) to Metro. We got there just a few minutes before they announced the headliner, and had a pretty bad spot in the back next to the bar, but we could still see the band pretty well. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures, but Gapers Block also has reviewed the show and has great photos.

You can also check out my fan-girl Pinterest page on Benjamin Booker if you want to know more.

P.S. This post is dedicated to my dear mother without whom nothing would be possible.

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